Executive Coach for Business Professionals

Life Coach




In everyone’s professional or personal life there comes a time when one feels stuck; rejected; betrayed; afraid; embarrassed, humiliated, worried, or lonely. The reasons might include work challenges, career, relationships, family, transition, etc.

When this happens to people, it starts impacting their performance and relationship adversely. They desperately need resolution to move on but don't know how. 

Does this sound like you? 

If yes, Coaches can help.  They can be your partners in producing fulfilling results.


As your Coach with over 40 years of professional and life experience, I will provide an ongoing partnership designed to help you improve your performance at work and enhance quality of your life.  

                                                                 Personal Listener  

As your Coach, I am trained to listen, observe and customize my approach to your needs. I seek to evoke solutions and strategies from within you; I believe that you are naturally creative and resourceful.


                                                             Conversation Partner

Conversation flow is an art that allows your Coach to make you open up to your innermost feelings honestly without having feelings of fear or embarrassment.  This is the most important skill for a successful Coach to have in order to deliver high results consistently.  Conversation also is a conduit that builds relationship between the two.

I have developed this skill after years and variety of professional and personal life experiences. As your conversation partner, I hope I will be able to assist you in achieving your desired goals and filling you with new vigor and spirit.