About... Kuldeep Mathur

Kuldeep Mathur is an executive and a life coach with over 40 years of business experience. His corporate background includes working as a Senior Vice President, Managing Director of a subsidiary, and advisor to the top management of multinational corporations. He has spent his professional life living in 9 countries and spending extended time in 30 others.

In order to support P&L of the sector that was spread worldwide, Kuldeep's main focus at work was optimizing efficiency of  Operations. .  His responsibilities covered a broad area - smart procurement, cost containment, strategic and tactical resource allocation, risk aversion, branding, employee empowerment through training and education, and attaining customer loyalty. 

It is during this period of over a decade and a half that Kuldeep had realized that prime reason for his success was in his ability in understanding people and getting the best out of them through motivation and building trust.


Kuldeep knew early on that his natural attribute of understanding people would be his future passion after retirement...and that is exactly what he has been involved in since October 2013. 

 As a coach,  Kuldeep has been helping individuals/ executives in their personal and work related challenges so they can optimize their effectiveness. 

Kuldeep has an engineering degree and an MBA in human and organization behavior.


     "YOU are the mother of your mind.  

    NEVER allow it to wander and go out of  control."

                                                            -Kuldeep Mathur