Focus Areas

Through decades of professional and life experiences I have developed unique and effective methods of helping my executive and individual  clients  resolve myriad of issues.  I am listing here some of the very common ones to help you overcome to re-gain your confidence and self-esteem.

Life Coaching


  • A disconnected or disjointed family life,

  • A frustration with family members, clients, colleagues, coworkers, etc.

                               Life Stresses

  • An overall sense of being stuck in life or life situations

  • An overwhelming sense of the current demands of life becoming too much to handle (work, relationships, parenthood, extended family, etc.)

  • A feeling of being overwhelmed or not knowing what to let go of in life


  • A longing for healthy professional relationship

  • Intimacy issues or concerns

  • A longing for deeper/more meaningful personal relationships

  • Recovering from failed relationships (personal and/or professional)

         Lack ofConfidence / Low Self Esteem

  • Lack of confidence

  • Indecisiveness

  • Indecisiveness or uncertainty in personal and/or professional life

  • Feeling intimidated

  • Feeling unattractive

  • Feeling worthless


 Life transitions issues related to relocation - house, friends, schools, work

                Isolation / Loneliness

  •  Single, divorce, losing spouse, children moved out


  • Of failures

  • Of losing yourself in a relationship

  • Of Rejection

  • Of financial future

Embarrassment / Shame / Guilt / Hurt

Divorce, loss of status, loss of job, financial losses

                Constant Irritation
  • About everything
  • Negative feelings
  • Unhappy and indifferent

Executive Coaching


  • Lack of motivation/direction (personally and/or professionally)


  • Interpersonal relationships, listening skills, empathy

  • Influence

  • Self-awareness

  • Building effective teams

  • Mentoring, developing internal talent, succession

  • Delegation, empowerment

  • Leading during times of change

  • Working with uncertainty and ambiguity; decision skills

  • Guidance on growth and P&L improvement


  • Career doubts

  • Job/career burnout

  • Not being considered for desired promotions

  • Management / Supervision issues

  • Management/Supervisory skill building


  • Communication Skill Enhancement

  • Effective Communication

  • Inability to effectively communicate thoughts or ideas​​

                   Interpersonal skills

  •  Hard skills / soft skills

  • Emotion overload

  • Lack of patience / can't handle challenge

  • Can't deal with office politics

  • Can't handle criticism

  • Inability to build relationship, collaborate, and influence

        Time and Resource Management

  • An inability to effectively manage time and/or resources

                   Customer Focus

  •  How to attain customer loyalty

  • Customer satisfaction - a thing of the past

  • Importance of customer feedback